Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Mozes & His New Ball!!!

This is Mozes and his Ball...I swear that he goes almost every place with this thing. My parents dog, Rufus, sent it to the boys for Xmas and Mozes adopted it. Its almost like a kids blankie as he is almost never without it. In fact there have been many times we've rolled over in bed to awake to the squeak. Ha ha... From taking it to bed with him, to leaving it right by the door when he goes potty...he just LOVES this thing! It's one toy he HASN'T tried to chew up...so its pretty important to him!

At Xmas after he adopted this ball he decided to take over a box of socks my hubby had got. He worked and worked on getting the ball in the box so he could lay down on the socks and the ball. He'd get it in there but when he picked it up it would roll out of his mouth and of the the box. He'd look at us like he was just heart broken that the ball didn't want to stay with him so, so he'd work at it all over again...until he got the ball in and was able to cuddle with it like he wanted. It was so cute seeing him zonked out with his new toy!

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