Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Euro Disney Halloween 2006

This Saturday (Oct 28th, 06) My family and my daughters best friend went and spent the day at Euro Disney for their Halloween Festivities. It was of course GREAT! The entire park had been painted orange by the mischievous pumpkin heads and their paint displays and orange paint footprints were everywhere. The witches were really awesome too as they were so brightly costumed in hot pink. They would go about the park sticking their tongues out at guest and doing little mischievous tricks to them. All the villains were out too bumping into guest and also being their "bad" selves. It was so much fun. Unfortunately our digital camera acted up. It didn't seem to like the disks we brought along so we had to rely on our 35 mm more than not. Then had to wait on the rolls to be developed (ug!) But here are some Pict's that we took while there. Oh and another thing...being so close to the holidays the park is in peak season so the lines were long and there were SO many people. The past few times we have gone its been off peak season and it was like we had the whole park to our selves...next time we go it will be off peak as that's extremely fun!!!! It was great however to see Halloween done Disney-style!!!!