Thursday, May 24, 2007

Independent USANA Associates

For anyone that checks in on my page now and again (like my wonderful Mindi!) I apologize for not posting lately. We have started our own business and it has opened up my world to so many new people and things. We have totally been enjoying it and are thrilled we made the decision to do fact we are wondering what took us so long :D For anyone interested you are welcome to view a short clip about what we do and you are welcome to provide feedback and what you think about the presentation at the "contact me" section at our website: / Presentation link

We have also just started a
SeymourDreams blog that highlights the USANA company as well as our business experiences and opportunities within it.

For the rest of you we have been eating the low glycemic shakes and bars to give them a try and live our business. So far its been great! My husband and daughter both started out with the "Reset" (its not a "diet" but it restarts your metabolism and thus weight loss is common). My Husband has lost 7 lbs and my Daughter lost 5lbs that first week. They continue to drop lbs as they enjoy the shakes and bars, which blend nicely with our South beach. I'm waiting on my restart to get in and I'll do the same.

USANA is about to celebrate its 15th year and we are looking into going to it and Convention and experience all that we are a part. I'll defiantly post Pict's of our adventure on our Seymourdreams blog spot when we come back and get settled back in. So more to come!

USANA received an official patent on May 8 from the United States Patent and Trademark Office that guarantees proprietary rights to the self-preserving technology used in Sensé skin- and personal-care products.The patent covers USANA’s formulation for manufacturing Sensé products so that they are capable of maintaining their shelf life without the need for added chemical preservatives. The products are “self-preserving” in that they don't require traditional chemical preservatives to maintain their shelf life.This is revolutionary technology that USANA’s respected team of scientists spent nearly 10 years perfecting.

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