Monday, December 25, 2006

Spoiled Puppy Boys at Xmas (Dec 06)

The boys had a REALLY good time at Xmas this year. From treats to toys they got some fun goodies in their stocking AND a couple of my friends got them some gifts too. My parents dog, Rufus, sent the boys a little squeaky soccer ball that Mozes LOVES LOVE LOVES and a braided rope that they both play with, Ani and John got the boys these little tiny tennis balls and two stuffed roped toys, and Raina got them each a chew bone that they have been working on the past few days (thanks everyone!)

Euro is WAY excited about their stocking....he can smell the goodies in it. The second Pict he tries to grab it from Martina's hand with his paws... ha ha.

Mozes is now interested in the stocking and all its goodies...

YES Euro IS smiling....its so funny when he does this!!!

Oh look at the anticipation as Martina tries to open up some treats for the boys....

Mozes with the tiny little tennis ball Ani and John got them. I LOVE how Mozes sticks his butt up in the air as he chews on his toys...

Mozes with one of the stuffed roped toys. They got a bear and this elephant.

Playing with the Large Jacks...well Mozes is, Euro is wanting to be held.

Both boys playing with their new toys and look how they are scattered all over the floor... just like little kids!

Happy little boys that must have been VERY good this year as they had a GREAT Xmas!!!

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