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Dinner at La Scuderia in Palazzuolo, Italy (2004)

A few years back in November 2004 some wonderful friends of ours, the Kirks, went and stayed a week in Italy with us. We all stayed at Pod ere Cortinova in the La Corte house, a very old but wonderful Tuscan villa (Farmhouse) that was so rich with history and warmth that we were totally at peace that Thanksgiving week. Our last night in Italy, before returning home to Germany. we ate at a restaurant called La Scuderia, located in Palazzuolo, Italy. Their specialty is a rare steak covered in Rosemary and olive melted in our mouths and was WONDERFUL!!! ** For my Rosemary Steak recipe click here. Below are some photos of the food we enjoyed and of our visit to the La Scuderina. Enjoy!!

I didn't get photos of the outside of La Scuderia as it was very dark and the photos didn't come out well. I did get some Pict's of the inside before the place filled up. We got there around 6 or 7 pm but the place didn't start to fill up until around 8:30pm and then it was packed!

Note The wood carvings of the Wild Boar hunt...this was pretty interesting as the area we were staying at was during Boar hunting season As we traveled we'd see hunters going in or out of the woods to hunt and sometimes you could hear the wild board grunting in the distance or the shots from the hunters. Many places we visited served wild boar as well.

Although I didn't write down the names of the dishes we ordered nor do I remember them (and probably couldn't pronounce them correctly even if I did)... I did take photos.

These are our appetizers: many different toppings on Italian bread. As you can see there was a wild mushroom mix, an olive oil and garlic, and a variety platter with an onion mushroom, mixed meat and another with Italian sauce and garlic.

These are four different pasta dishes that we had ordered. One was filled with basil and meat with a lemon olive oil sauce, the next was wild boar and wild mushroom topped pasta, there was a spaghetti with garlic and tomato sauce and the last was a thicker spaghetti noodle with ground wild boar meat sauce. These photos DO NOT do justice to these dishes...their aroma and flavor were wonderful!

Now we knew that the house specialty is was a steak so I ordered one and it was WONDERFUL but when our Concierge, Patrick showed up to see how we were doing he asked about the steak we found out that we didn't actually order the specialty. He went back to the kitchen and soon came a HUGE platter as you'll see below. This steak however was still really wonderful!!!!

Now, we knew
La Scuderia's specialty is a rare steak. It's cooked with LOADS of rosemary, olive oil and other herbs and spices and it was served rare on a HUGE platter. We all shared this dish and it just melted in your mouth. Here are some Pict's of the Italy Steak (and one of my husband devouring is, ha ha):

***For my Rosemary Steak recipe click here

Desert consisted of: a fruit cream cake, flan, cappuccino and a little tiramisu cup. All were really wonderful!

OK I know this may be in poor taste but this restaurant post wouldn't be the same unless I included the entertainment of the night..... There was this man just a few tables away from ours. I found him to be very beautiful and LOVED his Italian accent and gestures. I knew some of my friends would want to know if I saw any good looking Italian men while in Italy and I wanted to prove that I did - so those at my table all tried to help me get photos of this man, without it being too obvious. I'm not sure if we pulled that off but despite the extremely dim lighting these are the shots we got.....along with a lot of laughs that night.

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