Friday, September 15, 2006

Big Bird BEWARE!!!!!

I have feather plucking puppy Nerd-O's!

OK, so I'm typing at the computer and I look out into the backyard cuz the boys are being rather quiet and I see this:

I was telling Mozes to look at me and it got Euros attention and so he went to help Mozes.

...Hey Euro, don't try to look so innocent! you got some feathers sticking out of your mouth.

Mozes thinks that Euro is gonna get more than he got of that pen bird and he wouldn't look at me....however its like tolet paper on your shoes - look at the yellow feathers on his foot. Ha ha.

look at this face.....THIS is why i wanted him to look at me! HAHAHAHA....

Now if you're wondering what the heck they got into (or start to freak out thinking it was a real bird) it WAS this (a cute Pen I got for Xmas):

Note: The pen feathers can be fixed and the boys did not get into trouble (they are like toddlers and just had more fun with this new "toy") Good thing they are cute! :D

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Catherine said...

woman! you have been cooking like crazy in my absence!!!!! i wish i had the resources to try some of these great recipes you and the others are cooking up!!!!!

the pups are too cute. i was worried it was a real cats have been known to get one or two of those...