Thursday, July 20, 2006



This is Mozes. He is anywhere from 1.5 to 2 years old. The people we got him from didn't really know and this was the best guess the vet could give us. The people that had him before us had saved him from a very bad home life. The people we got him from ended up not having much time for him and lived in an apt and really didn't want him anymore. My daughter fell in love with him and wanted to "save him". We adopted him and got ride of his 7 ticks, put him back on flea and tick meds, got him his shots, recently got him groomed and have an apt for him to get neutered and a microchip implanted. He is doing really great and is extremely happy and well adjusted. He has some quirks that stem from his MAJOR anxiety when we leave the house or when he is in the car, but he is getting better!!! Mozes is a Yorkie and weighs about 5.6lbs. He is EXTREMELY playful and goes until YOU DROP! He loves attention...the more the better. He loves to cuddle, eat treats and shadow me around the house. He learned to bark after came to live with us (its so funny to hear him too) and he is starting to give kisses. He totally loves to pester his big brother, Euro- and the two enjoy playing chase in the yard or through the house. Mozes is a bit of a toy hog and knows a few tricks but really only wants to preform them if you have a treat in hand. He is very smart and learning very fast how his new family works and he's come to fit rather nicely.

Look who got a trim!
This is the first time he had been taken to a professional groomer. He was a good boy while there and will get more done next time. The groomer, who is also a licensed Dog Psychologist (?).... didn't want to do too much this first visit to overwhelm him. Mozes goes back in a month. But look! We can see his little face now!!!! :D




Kitchen Picasso said...

OMG! Mozes reminds me so much of Sammy, the dog we had to put to sleep this past spring. What breed is he? A terrier of some sort... yes? Anyway, thanks for visiting and posting in my blog.... and for adding me to your favorite links! I'll add you to mine too.

Nau-Dee said...

YEAH! you are the first to post a comment in my blog and you don't know how excited that makes me :D

Mozes is a Yorkshire terrier. he is a whopping 5.4 lbs. We saved him from a very unpleasant home life and he is thriving now. Our other dog is named Euro (after the European money) and is a huge 12lbs and such a doll. both boys are as different as night and day, but get a long very well with one another....

I totally love your blog and I looked at your AOL account too - yum, those dishes look great!

Have a GREAT week and thanks for stopping by!