Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hot Sweetened Nighty Night Milk. (p1)

When I was very young my mother would make a milk for me that was sweet with a bit of a nutty/vanilla flavor. She called it Wonder Milk. She'd serve this cold or hot but it was always a special treat for me when she did. When I got older I found out it was an extract called wonder flavor and my mother couldn't find it anymore.
After reading some recipes from the SB forum for Vanilla Steamers
, it brought this childhood drink back to mind and i got the thirst for it. I tried some and loved the results! This is what I did....

Hot Sweetened Nighty Night Milk. (p1)
skim milk (enough for one coffee cup)
vanilla extract
almond extract
2 pkt splenda (per cup)

Directions:In a sauce pan whisk all the ingredients until heated and a little frothy. Add a dash or two of cinnamon, blend and then pour into a coffee cup and ENJOY! Now its not an attempt to remake wonder milk but its sure good! It was delicious before bed! My family and some of my daughters friends really enjoy it and have even made it for their families.

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