Wednesday, July 19, 2006

5:4 challenge #1 Chicken & Veggies 4 ways

Out of my indecisiveness I did it 4 ways!

I'm doing 5:4 with three awesome ladies... 5:4 is a blog we share where we create ne
w dishes with limited ingredients. 5 random ingredients is our only real commonality and then each may pick 2 others ingredients of our choosing. we are to come up with some food dish, take Pict's of it and then report back to one another and post it on our 5:4 blog. We just started this but so far its been fun! Also check out the 5:4 to see what other things my great friends came up with....and stay tuned for more yet to come. I ended up making 4 things - but the one I liked the most is the Fried Chicken (its posted first of all the recipes)

NOTE that my puppy boys sure were interested in what I was


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