Monday, July 24, 2006


This is Euro....he is a Yorkie / long haired chihuahua. However, he's fairly short haired (unlike his little brother, Mozes) so he's never gone to a groomer - but still needed to be introduced on the blog. He is my baby boy! We got him when he was only 3lbs and almost fit in our palm. He is now a HUGE 12 lbs :D He will be 3 years old this Oct 4, 2006. He is extremely laid-back and loving. He totally loves peanut butter, cheese, burger king hamburgers (plain) and vanilla ice cream if you feel like sharing. He loves to take naps, soak in the sun and cuddle! he is getting used to his little brother, Mozes, and spends loads of time wrestling with him or playing chase in the yard. Germans totally LOVE dogs - but they really flip when they see Euro. He is such a pretty dog and has an approachable quality about him. His fur is very silky and this, added to his awesome personality, makes him highly loved by all. Oh I should also add that Euro is very smart too. Yes yes he can do tricks but he also knows certain words when we spell them... like when we don't want to get him excited if we are discussing whether we want to go for a W.A.L.K or G.O someplace...he totally knows what we are talking about. Ha ha.

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