Saturday, January 06, 2007

Happy New Years 06/07!!!!!
We had a very good one! Our daughter had a few friends over and the girls stayed the night. A good friend of ours come over too and helped bring in the new year. We made virgin Piña Colada and Strawberry Daiquiris, sweet BBQ cheesy sausages, cheese chunks, chips and dip (store bought cheese Queso and french onion), carrots and pebble treats (like rice crispy treats). I had the fixings for the kids to make a couple of large pizza's but they were so excited to think they were gonna get to make their own personal pizzas (like at our daughter birthday) so I couldn't let them down. (I thought that was such a great compliment in that they had such a good time making them last time they wanted to do it again). We all had a wonderful time watching, playing Phase 10 (its a really fun card game) and then seeing and participating in the German tradition of fireworks. My friend Raina and I went to the castle that is just down the mountain a bit from us and looked over the villages. It was awesome! Afterwords we stopped by our friends and neighbors as the kids went there to shoot off fireworks of their own. It was pouring down rain but everyone still had a great time! Below are some Pict's of our night.

Setting the table and waiting for our friends to come over

Here euro was looking out the sun room windows as the neighbors setting off fireworks. He and Mozes did NOT like all the nose and commotion!!!
Rina is getting the coconut rum just right in hers and my cups :D
These were really good. They were made just like Rice crispy treats only with Fruity Pebbles. This was new flavor called Ice Berry. We weren't too wild about it as cereal but thought it was really good as these treats. Either way we got the cereal when it was on sell for 99 cents a box so it was a really cheep treat too. I just rolled them into balls for something different.

These have always been a tradition ours for New Years. They are cheese smokies. I mix up a sweet BBQ sauce that consists of:
dark brown sugar
a little spicy brown mustard
salt and pepper
a little liquid smoke
a little Worcestershire sauce.

Heat this all up in a large nonstick skillet til it thickens and add the smokies and cook til heated. They are so yummy!!!!

Lounging around watching movies....well Mozes is cuddling and Euro is catching some Zzz's. Ha ha.

Making their own pizza's...

Playing dance party as they are teaching one another new dance moves and blaring the music!!!

At the castle (Burg Nanstein in Landstuhl Germany). Watching the German tradition of lighting off fireworks. Some are setting them off here at the castle but we wanted to see the view of the villages below as they set off theirs. It was GREAT!!!!

Over at Kaya's house. Her Father and Brother were setting off fireworks too. This is where the kids went and we later joined them.

Back at home and hours later the girls stayed the night and we decide to play a card game, Phase 10. It a lot of fun!!! We did this while snacking some more and drinking our virgin drinks. The Strawberry Daiquiris are just premade mixes and ice we blended together.
The Piña Colada's we used:
House brand premade liquid mix

a few scoops of vanilla ice cream
a few large table spoons of canned cream of coconut (NOT coconut milk)
and some pineapple chucks with juice.

Blend in a blender and then just before serving drizzle just a little grenadine syrup on top and insert a straw. Its so yummy! (Sorry I didn't get any good Pict's of this)

Now that things are back to normal and quiet again the boys are happy... we caught them getting some luv. Yeah they are spoiled but they are just so darn cute and lovable!

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