Thursday, January 18, 2007

Broiler Cinnamon Toast (not Sb friendly)

While growing up and before I had my own child, I did a lot of babysitting. I often would make meals and treats for the kids I watched and it was a little like playing house for me, and aways a lot of fun. One summer I had a full time babysitting job watching my favorite pair of siblings. One evening I had them help me make cinnamon toast for their evening treat. They said their mommy made it, but I was doing it wrong (ha ha). I told them that I was making it like my mommy taught me and another time we'd make it like their mommy made it. They were very skeptical that mine would turn out yucky but went along and helped me anyways. As we made my family's version of this treat, they told me how their mom made hers. They said she put bread in the toaster and when it popped up she'd put butter, cinnamon and sugar on it and served it on a plate or napkin. This was extremely odd to me as I had NEVER had it that way, so I could understand how foreign my methods had to look to them. After the cinnamon toast was out of the oven and they sat down at the table with their pieces of cinnamon bread and glasses of milk they found that it was REALLY GOOD!!! In fact, they told me that my mommy was smart and made the best way (kids are so the time these two were 4 and 6 ... now they are in their 20's)

Anyways, I made this treat tonight for Martina and Kaya and Kaya said she has never had it like this either. She said her family doesn't make it but she had it before and it was made in a toaster just like the method I mentioned above. So, I thought I'd just mention it here for anyone else that may not be used to making it in a broiler like I do. Its not a crunchy toast (unless you bake it longer) but one that is oozy gooey good!

Broiler Cinnamon Toast
1 to 2 bread slices per person
soft butter or margarine (a generous 1/2 T per slice)
white granular sugar (a generous 1/2 T per slice)
ground cinnamon

Place bread slices on a baking sheet and spread butter or margarine all over the topside of each slice. A generous 1/2 T of butter is just the right amount so you can get to the edges of the bread and be able to hold the sugar in place, without making the bread greasy.

Sprinkle a generous 1/2 T sugar all over each slice and then sprinkle with cinnamon. Place under the broiler and bake until hot, melted and bubbly. ENJOY!!

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