Sunday, October 01, 2006

My pretty little roses...

Here are some Pict's of my flowers. There have been 7 blooms so far and they all have been so lovely! What's been so very odd is they are all so different from one another color-wise - yet they come from the same small bush. I have gotten a green with pink, bright bright deep yellow with hot pink tips, a white with purple tips, light yellow with purple, and a soft cream yellow and so on. its been interesting to see what blooms next. The has been my first real rose bush as the very first one never produced anything other than two flowers. This is planted in a big metal barrel (same as before) so I can bring it in this winter. I'm a bit worried at the moment as this container is full of water now (as we had a down poor) and now the leaves are turning yellow. I tried to drain off some of the water and put it in an area that wont allow any more water to get in til its needed but the soil is more like mud than solid dirt. I thought I might move it inside into the sun room and hope it bounces back. I hope it does alright since its over watered (offer any suggestions if you know much about this as I would love to save my little rose bush) Its been a fun little rose bush and one that has produced beautiful looking flowers as well as such sweet smelling ones. Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I have.

this was the first to bloom. it was a nice bright yellow

this isn't the best Pict of this flower but it was actually green base and lightened up towards the tips where it changed into a soft pink. it almost looked liked like there was soft pink lipstick smudges on the petals.
This one was neat. it was almost white with just barely the tips purple

Soft pale yellow

This one was rather vivid and shaped so pretty.

This was my most exciting as it was so very bright and colorful! the yellow was so bright it almost seemed unnatural. The tips were hot pink and together they were extraordinary!

This is the last so far and is, as you can see, just BEAUTIFUL!

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