Friday, September 22, 2006

Whats Mozes chewing on NOW?

Here he is going to town on his ball. I thought he was just chewing on it but then I saw him yanking on the fuzzy part and I knew he was at it AGAIN!!! Here he is looking very innocent like he doesn't know what ball I'm talking about and asking him to bring me....

YUM Ball taste gooooood!
If you look closely you can see some fuzzy hanging off his fur.

WHATS THE DEAL MOZES??? Lately little Mozes has been a real chewer????? He has been having a GREAT Ole time digging around his and Euros toy box and chewing on the toys - however, lately he has been chewing some of them well as other things. I found he had gotten a hold of some cotton from something as the fluff was on the carpet as well as hanging out of his mouth. I see him walking around the other day chewing on something that seemed like it was chewing gum as he just walked around the house chewing on it. I kept an eye on him as usually he does this with small bits from his pig ear. Come to find out it was plastic from one of their toys (a hot dog w/ bun) that he chewed a few holes in. He did the same thing with a rubber Turkey leg awhile back. He has been chewing on his bones and pig ears lately too so its not that he doesn't have enough good things to chew on. He's old enough to be past the puppy chewing stage so I'm not sure what the deal is. He's just been one busy little destructive little boy lately!!! He ALSO has been pulling the fuzziness off some of the squeaker balls (they are like tennis balls only for dogs with a squeaker inside). Now, you saw what he did to my feather pen awhile back....I guess he has really been into textures lately????????? What a Nerd-O!

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