Sunday, August 13, 2006

Mozes had surgery

Mozes had surgery On the 9th. He had some baby teeth that needed to be pulled (we are told this is common for yorkies), he also got a microchip implant and he was neutered. He did really well but looks so pathetic with the cone around his neck however (to keep him from licking the stitches). When I went to pick him up from the vet he waddled out to me on the leash (way behind the nurse no less), with cone in place and just leaned up against my ankle. I bent down and picked him up and still groggy from the anesthesia he was going in and out of dream land. As the nurse was talking to me about his post-op care, he tried to give me kisses but couldn't with the cone in his face. I had to put my face into the cone to reach him so I could give and get kisses and love him. Everyone in the waiting room all made the "" cute sounds". It was pretty sweet. Then in slow motion he just reclined back into my arms with all four legs up in the air, and was OUT. It was really sort of funny. He wanted to cuddle and slept most of that day!

Day 2
We ended up taking him back to the vet to make sure he was OK. He was so out of it the first day that we took the cone off. That next morning he was very much awake (as he was starring at me when I woke up) and apparently had been licking the stitches/wound as it it looked a bit swollen and was rather red. What caused us to actually take him in was his almost constant soft crying and winning and then the LOUD yelps as he tried to move. It seemed like he was REALLY in major pain when he moved. When the doc came into the room it was amazing how much better he seemed to be!!! Of course he really does hurt and he may not handle pain as well as some dogs do (like his brother Euro), but the dog doc said this bread (Yorkie) is a bit of a baby when it comes to such we found out he was milking the pain a bit to get us to baby him more. Ha ha. What a nerd! I sorta was thinking this might be the case as he'd wait for me to lift him the one step down to the patio so he could go the bathroom and sometimes would even wait for me to carry him to the yard. He'd do the same thing on his way back in - getting to the step and just look at me with such sorrow in his eyes. Then after he was sat down in the house he JUMPED up on the couch!!!!!????????!!!! Ha ha.

Day 3 We fought the urge to baby him too much on Day 2 and on this day Mozes was up PLAYING and doing just fine. Such a dramatic little pup. Ha ha.

here are some picks of him right after we brought him home.
Here he is totally not sure how to walk with this cone on...ha ha. See his legs all out. He walked like this the first day...even the front legs (even though the surgery was on the other end).
A close up of his little face in the cone...see how his little mouth smashes up against the doesn't hurt him , but just looks sort of funny.

Here he is not able to get into his bed cuz of the cone getting in the way....(he finally got it figured out and was able to get in and out)

Being babied the first day of surgery - needing and wanting cuddles (we sat on the patio and I rocked him as he was going in and out still from the meds they gave him)

This Pict cracks me up.... had been asleep and tucked into his bed, but I got up from the computer room to do a few things and Mozes got up and followed me around the house like this (blanket dragging on about him) My hubby and I started to laugh and got the camera. He totally reminds me of a little kid with his blankie and looking for momma to rock him!!! ha ha

Its been chilly here lately and so we put him in a sweater. Here he is relaxing much more comfortably without the cone!

Day 4
The stitches and wound site look good. Mozes has been up, alert, eating, drinking and over all acting like himself. He has been tormenting his big brother, Euro, into playing with him and twice he tore around the backyard in a game of chase!!!

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