Sunday, August 13, 2006

Chai Latte (p1)

Wow it's chilly in my house today...and no I am not talking about the kind with beans and meat! Brrrrr!!!! SO I'm warming up with some reheated soup and a cup of HOT PUMPKIN well, sort of.

OK General Foods International coffees has a SUGAR FREE Chai Latte that is sooo yummy! I'm not a coffee drinker and I'm not real big on strong the coffee flavor - but this Chai Latte is really good. It's flavor reminds me of pumpkin pie - so a cup of it in the mornings, evenings or on a cold day really hits the spot...very comforting!
(wow that all sounded sort of like a commercial???)

Now, I'm not exactly sure how legal it is for South beachers, but for a desert / treat it's probably OK for a small cup.

This is what I do:
Take 3 heaping tsp of the sf Chai Latte and place in a jar or container with a lid. Add 6 oz water and 2 oz of low fat/skim milk. Shake really well til all the powder is Incorporated (I find this mixes better than just stirring as the powder doesn't like to mix otherwise). Pour into a coffee cup and microwave til warm or hot -however you like to drink it. Give one good stir and enjoy.
Oh and if you like it a bit extra sweet add a 1/2 to 1 pkt of splenda...but its really not necessary as this is already sweetened.

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