Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Aunt Nancy's Creamed Corn (p 2- 3)

This is so easy but very rich and tasty!

1 large frozen bag of corn

1 (8 oz) pkt of cream cheese, cubed

salt and pepper to taste

In a large crock pot add all the ingredients and cook until creamy and hot. Stir now and again as it heats up.

Note: This year I made this on top of the stove in a large pot. I don't have a German crock pot so I had to improvise. I love the ease of setting the corn up in a crock pot and pretty much forgetting about it until its done, but no such luck this year. I did add a 1 tsp of "I can't believe its not butter" and a few tsp of water in the pot with the rest of this and it turned out really good. Cover and Cook it on LOW (otherwise it will scorch). ENJOY!!!

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