Sunday, September 24, 2006

Egg in a Basket (p2)

When I was little my
mother and grandmother used to make these for me. Granted then it was on white bread and I had two of them...but Today I made it on Wheat and it was just as good. (I also just had one as I'm watching my starch intake).

One slice of bread per person (or for how many you want to eat)

1 egg per slice of bread
butter spread of your choice (I like I cant believe its not butter)

Butter both sides of the bread and place in a heated nonstick skillet. With a cookie cutter or small round jar opening cut a whole in the bread and remove the inner cutout. Place it besides the bread to continue to brown. Place an egg in the middle of the whole and cook. Flip when bread is browned and the egg is cooked well on the bottom. Cook well on the other side to your desired egg consistency. I like the yolk a bit runny but some like it cooked through. Just cook til your liking.

I served this with cooked rope sausage and veggie juice but what ever you serve this with or as alone, its a really easy and good way to have toast and eggs. ENJOY!


Kitchen Goddess said...

i love this stuff now- just because of you! it's like the most craved thing when i feel yucky!

Nau-Dee said...

yeah its one of those little comfort foods (or at least for my and my family). I remember asking for this to be the breakfast for the next day and I remember my own daughter doing the same thing. I'm really glad you enjoy it!!!!