Friday, August 18, 2006

€uro and Mozes on the bean bag

Its been so cold lately that the boys have had to wear their sweaters in the house. We have tile floors through out the house so this adds in the coolness. We've not wanted to have to turn our heaters on this early in the season so we have been oven cooking a lot and cuddling up with sweaters and blankets - cuddling is wonderful with those you love so its been nice! Euro is not big on sweaters, not at first. he warms up to them after awhile (pun intended). He acts like he cant move at first but when he realizes we aren't buying it he goes on about his way. Mozes doesn't seem to mind really either way - but he can get out of his. We aren't sure if he works his way out of them or if the sweater just works its way off but either way sometimes we'll see him with his sweater around his waist as he walks about until he walks it completely off. The other night when it was so could the boys all cuddled in their sweaters, took turns on the bean bag (and love seat) here in the office. I was working on the puter and they kept me entertained. Mozes was the funniest as he was softly barking and snoring in his sleep. In his Pict's you can see his almost full rotation onto his head...ha ha.

Update: Last night Euro came in without his sweater on! This is new as he has never done this before. I wonder if he figured it out after watching Mozes, he knew all along but just never did it til he saw Mozes get away with it, if it was purely accidental or if Mozes helped him - ha ha.....My silly little boys!

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